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What to do to prevent the mobile phone explosion

Recently, a smart phone blast has been blamed on the Shomi brand in Dhaka. Chinese smartphone maker Shawmi said on the issue that security of Shawmi customers was given the utmost importance. Customer has been contacted. Investigation of the incident. The smartphone explosion incident is not entirely new.

The Times of India reported that a 11-year-old child was recently saved for a tiny blast in Samsung in the UK. The explosion blaze catches fire. Cadal Fund Chief Executive Najrin Hassan was killed last year. The cell phone is in charge while its phone is charging. He used BlackBerry and Huawei Smartphone. Two phones were in the condition of charging his bedroom house. Be careful on avoiding such risks in smartphone explosion or firing. Learn some suggestions:


Smartphone Explosion. Photo: Collected. Smartphone Explosion. Image: Collected. In the whole of Dhaka, a Shoomian brand has blamed a smartphone explosion. Chinese smartphone maker Shawomi said on the issue that the security of customers in Shawmoi was given utmost importance. The customer has been contacted. The investigation is being investigated. Smartphone explosion incidents are not entirely new.

According to the Times of India, a 11-year-old child survived a tiny blast in a UK-based tablet blast recently. The blaze caused a fire in the matres. In one such case, Cadal Fund Chief Executive Najrin Hasan died in last year. The explosion took place on his phone charges. He used BlackBerry and Huawei’s smartphones. Two phones were charged in his bedroom. Be careful to avoid such risk of smartphone explosion or fire. Here are some suggestions:

1. Do not use the third party’s charging cable or adapter except the actual cable or adapter. The original charger is safe. Buy a smartphone, buy real charger or adapter, and see if it is available. Be sure to issue the warranty.

2. If your device needs to change the battery, then buy the devices of the organization, the battery that they buy. Otherwise, the battery will not work properly after some time.

3. Do not charge extra for smartphones, tablets or lithium-ion batteries. German battery technology consultancy firm Battery Engineer Managing Director Dominique Shulle said that if the phone charges 100 percent charge and holds a 100 percent charge, it will have negative impact on the battery life. Smartphone battery consumption ranges from 30 to 50 percent if there is longer life.

4. Do not charge the equipment on the surface of the inflammable surface, beds, and near the paper. Sometimes the accident may occur due to excessive heat.

5. Do not charge while keeping your smartphone under the pillow while sleeping.

6. Do not keep a lot of smartphones or devices in direct sunlight.

7. Do not go to any stores that are not allowed to wear smartphones or devices. It is more likely to damage parts. Take the services from Authorized Centers.

8. Keep in mind that if there is no extra pressure on the device while charging.

9. If you have time to charge the smartphone or device, then open the case.

10. Do not charge while using the earphone or talking on the phone during phone charging.

11. Many people use Power Bank in the open open market. Power bank can damage the battery of mobile phones. The explosion may cause.

12. When using a mobile, the battery needs to be changed immediately when the battery is slightly swollen.

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