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Huawei does not want to be on the black list

The Huawei authorities have denied that Huawei has been accused of helping the Chinese intelligence.

Huawei Chief Executive Rane Zhenfi said last month that due to not getting US chips and other parts, his company could lose $ 30 billion in the next two years.

Last month, Trump promised to sell parts from Huawei to US equipment. But he said that there will be ‘black list’ until the talks ended with trade talks with Beijing.

Liang said, “We have not seen any significant changes so far. Huawei wants to get out of the completely black list.

In spite of US export ban, Huang claimed that Huawei’s income has increased in the first half of this year.

But the ban on Huawei is also a big push for US chips and technology providers. Because, Huawei is their buyer.

Liang said, “The open Android operating system is still our first choice. But if the United States does not allow it to be used, then in the future we can work with our own Hongmeng. But that decision has not yet been done.

Huawei is working to create its own chips and other technologies. This will reduce their reliance on US equipment. The Chinese company has already announced its next-generation smartphone based chip. References: NDTV

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