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Huawei brings 5G smartphone


China’s technology giant Huawei will announce the release of the 5G technology-folded smartphone in the forthcoming Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2019. Huawei’s event will be held on February 24, according to the top smartphone-based review site PhoneArraya.

Belong 5000 will be used as a chip in this smartphone. The company’s first 5-G supported commercial device will be known as Huawei 5-G CPE Pro. According to the Huawei sources, Bailang 5000 A2G, 3G, FourG, and FiveGi support through a single chip. While in various modes it can reduce power consumption very well during data exchange. Even without any reason, electricity is used to spend a lot of time, it can also reduce it.


Belang 5000 is the first chipset of the industry to bring the 5-G download speed. In addition to 6 GHz low-frequency bands, this chipset provides download speed of up to 4.6 GHz per second. In addition to high frequency mm (mm) wave spectrum, Belang 5000 chipset is available to download up to 6.5 GB per second. Which is 10 times more than the LTE’s highest download speed in the market.

Richard Yalsu, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBD), at a press conference on the occasion of the official launch of 5-G Chipset and Devices on January 24, said total sales of Huawei Consumer Group stood at 5.2 billion US dollars in 2018. Which is a very good growth year for this business There are smartphones, PCs, tablets and wreibles sold in cbj. It is being said that powerful new chipset and device, smart phone business is very good performance news, Huawei will be ahead in the 5-G business competition. The brand’s 5G supported smartphone will be ahead of the business.


Which series of Huawei is getting prominent for a 5-G supported smartphone? Some guesses came in such a question. Considering the cost of manufacturing in smartphones technology, the P-30 series can be a 5-G supported smartphone series. Curious interest in the P-30 has spread. It is said, at any moment in the market can be without this series. Even the pictures of P-30 have been leaked on the Internet! But the leaked model is not like a folding phone. But perhaps Huawei is very secretive about the series. Meanwhile, the eager are becoming more eager.

Most smartphone manufacturers think of the formal launch of flagship flagship products outside of major events like mobile or technology such as MWC, CES, IFA. However, Huawei made a kind of surprise. Because they can make their 5G flagships officially announced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress keeping in mind the competition.

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