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Huawei brings 100 million units of smartphones to the market

Until May this year, 100 million units of the smartphone market brought Huawei Chinese technology maker Hu said this week at a ceremony in Huhan, China’s Huawei Consumer Business Smartphone Product Line, China. Huawei opened the Nokia 5 phone in the event. This smartphone uses Huawei’s new 7-nanometer chipset helicalcin Kirin 810 model. This information has been disclosed in a report by NDTV.

Huawei’s smartphone business collapses since the US was “blacklisted” in May. The Chinese company has to reduce the market without smartphones. Huawei’s founder and chief executive Rane Zhengfi said on Monday that due to US sanctions, Huawei will lose 30 billion US dollars this year. Last month, Huawei’s smartphone sales in China dropped 40 percent.

Huawei’s Business Group said in a separate statement on Friday, that Huawei’s Watch GT Smartwatch sold two million units after leaving the market in October.

Referring to IDC’s market research firm Huawei, Huawei said that Huawei’s growth in the global wearable market has increased by 282 percent in the first quarter of this year. They have come in the top three wearable technologies in the world.

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