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Google’s online safety of children …

1 click opens the door of unknown world. Where are both good and bad. Children are often unaware of not recognizing this strange world in this stranger world. Internet connection If the path is wrong then it has its effect on them. Being mentally ill, and sometimes unaware of some of the incidents in which their parents leave their lives Google came forward Suggestion, to get the help of ‘chrome’ for the Internet use of children. So that children can be kept away from abuse websites. Never ‘Blue Whale’, and sometimes ‘Momo Challenge’ On the Internet, the news of children’s addiction to these games and the incident on one hand came out in the news headlines.

The children who have been separated from their family have also committed suicide in many cases due to their grip. The situation reached such a level that the awareness campaign started with these games from the administration. Psychologist Dr. Anuptama Banerjee said, “The use of the internet can not be distanced from the current generation. Parents should be aware of the sites that their children are mobilizing with. The children meant. If they are removed from those sites, they will show even more curiosity. At the same time, parents or children should be matched with children so that the children do not become separated from them. For example, I can say what is there to play the Blue Whale or Momo Challenge that it will completely cut off from their family?


It is the responsibility to look after it but not their guardians. ‘The parents should decide on how often the children use the internet. Parents can get help from Google’s ‘Family Link’ if needed. By using the device to specify the daily deadline for use and the use of the device, the ‘lock’ can be done without knowing it. It is also useful to keep children away from adult subjects. “YouTube Kids” can also be used to help you decide whether to watch the channel again or not. Another notable program of Google ‘B Internet Assam’ Children can know what issues should be kept in mind while using the Internet or how to become a responsible citizen in the future. As well as how to safeguard the safety aspect of using the Internet, children can become confident as a result of training.

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