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Find out via google losing phone.

On the way to the streets, the phone was stolen or the loss of the phone had to be humiliated to less than everyone. After losing the phone, the police complained that the findings are not very well known. Even the current methods are called, ie, with the help of phone’s IMEI numbers or phone protection apps of various anti-virus companies, lost hands are lost. But if you know a simple method, you can easily find out where your lost phone is. This feature is a Google application provided on your phone.

The ‘Find My Devices’ option is available on any Android phone. While this option is ‘On’, you can easily find out where your phone is. If the lost smartphone is logged with your Google ID, your computer or laptop will be able to log in from the same Google ID and know that the phone’s location. But the phone must have the ‘Location Service’. In addition, the phone must have internet enabled.

How to find your lost phone? You have to go through certain procedures for this. First of all, you have to login with the same Gmail ID in your computer’s browser that the ID has the Playstore login with that phone. Then search Google in any browser. Find my device. You can see the location of your phone on Google Map at the top of the search result. Even there you will find a ring button that will ring the loudness wherever the phone is clicked. Or go to to find out where the phone is. You can see that the phone is using WiFi or mobile internet. You can also lock the phone from here or delete all the lost data on the phone.


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