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Each message in WhatsApp is the ‘digital fingerprint’ claim

The WhatsApp has claimed the digital fingerprint of each of the messages made by WhatsApp. The central government has directed the Facebook-owned company to add such features to their apps. With the formula of ‘Digital fingerprint’, the government wants to find out the source of a message. According to the center, this feature will not be able to relieve your end-to-end encryption when it launches and WhatsApp. Consequently, the description of the center as a result of which the person will not fall into the hands of independence.


The central government has been desperate to conduct surveillance on social media since the past few years in order to prevent false news and confusing information. Central agencies, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, are undergoing continuous pressure on the organization. In particular, there are four centers of madness in the end-to-end encryption feature of WhatsApp.

As a result, central investigating agencies will conduct surveillance of individuals. But for the sake of independence, social media sites have rejected this claim of the center. In this context, a new proposal was made by the center. Although the Indian government’s proposal is not realistic, experts say that experts are not realistic. Because, according to them, it is not possible to collect the digital fingerprint of each WhatsApp message. In that case, the structure of WhatsApp will be completely replaced, experts say. Moreover, this move is also contrary to Facebook’s independence policy.

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