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5 wrong ideas about charging smartphones

There are 5 misconceptions about mobile charges, which you have, mix it !! Almost everyone uses the smartphone. And modern smartphones mean lithium-ion batteries inside. But there are many misconceptions about the battery-powered mobile charging system that the users think. Talk about which is important. The wrong ideas are:

1) If you charge the phone the whole night explosion! Not so. Most smartphones will automatically charge the charge. Battery does not charge extra after full charge.

2) Should not be charged if not less than 10%! Lithian-ion battery is extremely capable battery. So if you are not finished, you can not charge – it is not right. If necessary, charge only. But it is unreasonable to charge the battery for any reason.

3) The phone can not be used while charging: If the hand is wet, do not touch the charger. But if you are using the original charger, there is no problem using charging. If you are using cheap USB chargers, please consult us – do not use the phone while charging.

4) At least once a week, you have to turn off the mobile! If the mobile is always open, the battery life will have an impact on the duration. However, there is no relation with keeping mobile with him. If you want to increase battery and mobile performance, restart the mobile at least once a week.

5) All the chargers are the same! Almost everyone has this idea about the charger. But there is a difference between real and fake chargers. In addition to quick charging in the original charger, additional power can be controlled. More about the risk of user damage to fake chargers.

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